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I can easily say this is one of the best books I have ever read. And anyone who doesn't pick this up is beyond missing out.

It's a beautiful YA historical romance that will warm any person's heart with the characters' chemistry.


If you love dramatic romance, then you will be taken with this tale of forbidden love. This classic boy meets girl tale has a lovely twist that leaves you rooting for the main characters....I must admit at times I pictured them singing through the forest all Rapunzel style, but in the end, this book goes above and beyond expectations.


Under the Trees is quite a fast, easy read with very likable characters and a plot which will keep you hooked. There is just something about this book which I absolutely love and which made me give it five stars. Even if you are not usually interested in this kind of genre I would definitely give this gem a read.




Author Ashley Maker

Ashley Maker is the author of SEER and UNDER THE TREES. As both a writer and a secondary English teacher, Ashley spends much of her time thinking about fictional worlds, grammar rules, and how to effectively share those things with others. She loves hanging out with her husband, two young daughters, and their zoo of family pets in Oklahoma.



Hailing from small town Oklahoma, Seeking Never is the musical collaboration between author songwriter Ashley Maker and guitarist Corey Maker.

Music brought Corey and Ashley together during their sophomore year of high school, and they have been writing music with each other ever since. For five years, they played in melodic metal bands in the Tulsa area before slowing down and starting a family. Now, they've started a new project to share original music again. "Sway" - inspired by Under the Trees - is their first new single and can be streamed and downloaded for free on SoundCloud.


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